Our curriculum is framed by extracting the best methods from different theories like Montessori Method, Multiple Intelligences, The Play Way Method and The learnings from Reggio Emilia, keeping in mind the abilities and requirement of the child for his/ her holistic development.

Augments individual progress and development

To enable each child to enjoy learning and enrich his/her abilities through balance activities and well planned curriculum.

Experiential Learning

Children learn through fun filled and exciting activities while playing with child friendly teaching learning aids.

Developing communication skills

Children are given opportunities to participate in activities that help them to understand effective communication through skills i.e. through different vocabulary games, music, storytelling etc.

Developing critical thinking skills

By sequencing, reasoning, recognizing- sizes, shapes, alphabets, numbers etc. and other pre math skills.

Child centered environment

An environment that aims to enrich the abilities of a child to develop at his/her own pace.

Self development activities-

Through different activities children develop values and skills that make them more responsible and sensitive.

An integrated approach to learning

Co-curricular activities play an important role as learning takes place through art, music, dance, physical activities etc. Both indoor and outdoor activities are important for a balanced development of a child.

Developing sound values

Environment and its surroundings help children to learn how to care, respect and love. It also teaches children the importance of having a healthy mind and body.

Developing sensitivity

Children are nurtured and guided to be kind and helpful while working with children of different abilities, cultures and communities.